Dr. Seuss Themed Chair

Every now and then, I have clients reach out to me with different creative projects they would like for me to tackle. I love having the opportunity to try new things and help make their vision come to life.

This was no different. My client reached out to me with a picture of a chair she wanted painted to match the theme of her classroom. I had already made her the wreath below so I was very familiar with the color scheme.  

Dr. Seuss themed wreath

She specifically wanted this chair to be her "Author's Chair". It would be a place for students to be inspired to share their written work with their classmates. With me being an educator by day (crafter by night), I welcomed the opportunity to take on this project.

I began by repairing the portions of the chair that needed repair. Next, I sanded and primed the chair to get it ready for paint.

I started with a white base and used painters tape to tape off the stripes for the red and turquoise portions of the chair. Once the paint dried, I sanded a few spots to give the chair a "worn look".

I reached out to Xquisitely Designed to create and apply a vinyl decal with the Cat in a Hat and a famous Dr. Seuss qoute.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."  - Dr. Seuss

For the final step, I used a sealant to seal the paint and vinyl so that this chair would last for years to come. 

I really love the final look of this chair. My client loved it as well! She was overjoyed at how it captured the look she was going for. Happy clients definitely make for a happy business. 

I hope you enjoyed our first blog! Stay tuned for more...

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